13 Warning Signs of Low Testosterone

Men often jokes around about having low strength or level of testosterone but being deficient in such an important hormone is not a simple issue. It is really a severe issue which has a negative impact on your overall health.

Studies have shown that men with low testosterone have been linked to cardiovascular disease, erectile dysfunctiontype 2 diabetes and obesity.  Moreover, low testosterone can also cause frustration in your life. It will make you feel like off the hook at work and lazy at home.

What does testosterone do for men?

Why We Need Testosterone

Testosterone is produced mainly in the testis/testicle cells, also known as the Ledylig cells. Without sufficient testosterone, men become infertile because the spermatogenesis requires testosterone to develop reproductive cell division (meiosis).

Testosterone is responsible for the following developments in men’s body:

  • Testosterone Benefits to the Brain/Mind
    • Testosterone is responsible for sex drive, libido and aggression
    • Improves in wellbeing, mood, mental focus, performance and cognitive function
  • Testosterone Benefits to the Skin
    • Stimulates facial hair and beard growth
    • Stimulates body hair growth and pubic hair
    • Supports collagen production
    • Improves appearance of the skin
  • Testosterone Benefits to Male Sex Organs

  • Testosterone Benefits for Bone & Bone Marrow
    • Accelerates of linear growth
    • Maintains of bone density
    • Prevents osteoporosis
    • Stimulates of red blood cell production
    • Immune function
  • Testosterone Benefits to the Muscle
    • Increase muscle mass and muscle strength
    • Decrease in adipose tissue, particularly in abdominal fat
  • Testosterone Benefits to the Kidney
    • Stimulates erythropoietin production
  • Testosterone Benefits to the Liver
    • Synthesis of serum proteins

Change in testosterone level with age

As you age, your body will naturally produce a specific amount of testosterone each year. The average decline rate of testosterone becomes 10 percent when you reach the age of 30. This means that your testosterone will decrease by an overall 50 percent when you reach the age of 70.

You may choose to go for a simple blood test for checking your current testosterone level, but how to know that you must go for a test right now? There are some medically proven symptoms which will tell you that you have probably a low testosterone level.

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Signs and symptoms of low testosterone level

Symptoms of low testosteroneIn an article written by Christine Case-Lo on the website “Health line”, around 4 to 5 million men in US face testosterone deficiency. This sounds really scary but don’t worry because it can be treated easily. Let’s look at the most important symptoms of low testosterone.

1. Extreme fatigue

It is normal to feel tired when you go through a hard day of work. However, you will feel completely consumed and clearly more tired than usual. You can judge this by comparing yourself to those around you. Are your friends facing the same level of fatigue? If yes, then it may be normal. Keep in mind that you must check out at least 5 to 6 different people for comparison.

2. Low energy level

The biggest issue which you may face after having a low testosterone level is your decreased energy. You will lose your energetic drive and initiative for doing physical as well as mental activities. You may feel that you are becoming more of a couch potato than being active in your routine life.

3. Reduced muscle mass

This is the most obvious change which you can feel after having low testosterone in your body. As mentioned above, this hormone is responsible for muscle growth, then deficiency will definitely cause low muscle mass in your body. You will get a feeling that your muscles have become weaker as compared to others.

You may even feel that your chest, leg and arm muscles are contracting on a continuous basis. Some activities like working out and weight lifting will also have a decreased effect on developing your muscles.

4. Mood swings

Are you feeling less optimistic that you used to be in the past? If yes, then you may have low levels of testosterone in your body. People with this situation will feel abrupt mood changes and depression, even in normal life conditions.

5. Increased irritability

Men falling under this deficiency will become more grumpy and bad-tempered.  You may not be able to notice such changes in yourself. The only way to judge your behaviour is to hear what others have to say about you. You may face this hormonal issue if you think that your parents, friends and other family members are constantly complaining about your behaviour. If the situation is same then there is really something to worry about.

6. Increased body fat

Are you feeling that your tummy is getting bulgy every day? Are you experiencing more fat wrapping around your chest? If yes, then you are probably having this deficiency. A research by Sylvia Santosa and Michael D. Jensen suggests that testosterone is responsible for the way your body stores fat. To notice such changes, you must see your old pictures or ask your close friends about this apparent change.

7. Decreased genital sensitivity or genital numbness

Hidden Trick Reverse Erectile Dysfunction Testosterone BoosterPeople facing this issue in their lives, often complain about low sensitivity down there. You may call it an absence of a spark or even numbness in some cases. Notice and check whether or not you fall in this criterion.

8. Low fluid level

According to CBS news, A man with testosterone deficiency will clearly notice a decreased amount of fluid coming with his sperms. This situation arises because the particular hormone is responsible to regulate three parts of the body which produce this fluid. These parts are seminal vesicles, testicles and the prostate. The deficiency will cause an absence or order to these parts resulting in low fluid.

9. Erectile dysfunction

Release of nitric oxide in your body causes erections. This release is mainly triggered by testosterone and a deficiency in this hormone will cause the issue of no or weak erections. Click here if you want cure your erectile dysfunction naturally.

10. Low sexual drive

While having weak or no erections, you may face an absence of sexual drive. This is because, the main hormone meant for fuelling your sex drive is either absent or lower than the required quantity.

11. Changes in sleep patterns

According to an article by Jerry R. Balentine, DO, FACEP, a low testosterone level can also cause insomnia or disturbance in your regular sleeping patterns.

12. Orgasm trouble

Deficiency of this hormone can cause a dire problem of trouble in achieving orgasm.

13. Hair loss

This hormone is responsible for a number of body functions including the hair production. Balding is a natural situation faced by many men, but low-T level generally causes a loss of body and facial hairs.

Good news

The good news here is that this problem can be easily cured. All you have to do is stay honest with your doctor while describing your problems. Always try to seek an immediate help whenever you feel down and make sure that you follow a healthy lifestyle.

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